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Character Creation:

45 points for Stats (example: Str, Dex, Con etc…)

30 points for skills/perks (Stealth, Disguise, Acting etc…)
No skills higher than 15. No Wealth, Followers, Fringe Benefits or rank.

12 points (in addition to your 30 points) can be spent on the following skills
This is your basic training in STRIKE
Combat Driving
Combat Piloting
Security Systems

Everyman skills (8 or less):
Native Language (4 points’ worth, includes literacy)
One PS at 11- (choose your character’s job or hobby)
TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
WF: Handguns
AK: Home country or region (no roll – will be run by GM)

60 points for ONE power with no limitations added to it – but as many advantages as you want.

NO to the following:
Stop sign powers (exception: DESOLIDIFICATION)
Affects Physical World (advantage)
Variable powers/Varable advantage
Multipower (or any power framework)
Usable [As Second Mode Of Movement] (advantage)
Usable On Others (or against) Character
Variable Advantage Character
Variable Special Effects
Purchasing extra DC is a power
Combat Luck is considered armor (with limitations) so is therefor a power

note: if you decline the 60 point power you may put these points into stats and skills wereas your skill cap is removed.

note: Full Life Support is concidered one power
note: a sense power (example: detect water) is ONE power (although you could detect water with all your senses).

All points not spent are lost.

25 points character needs to come up with

All players have Normal Characteristic Maxima (if purchasing your 60 point power as a stat then this will not effect that one stat)

December 15: First experience bonus was announced. Four (4) points for additional or improved skills; ten (10) points added to your character’s primary power; twenty (20) points available for a new, secondary ability linked to the primary power.

January 5: Characters all received 3 points to spend on the Teamwork skill (except Lance, who already had it, and could spend the points on another skill of his choice).

January 12: Characters received another 2 points for skills, 10 points to spend on one of their two powers, and 5 points to use for designing equipment they might carry into the field. (Players can design as many items of equipment as they like, but no more than 5 points worth of equipment can be taken on a given assignment.) See Items tab for items which have been created.

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