DHS - Mutant Division

Price of a Hero

The DHS has been investigating a mutant named: Jonathan James; online handle: c0mrade
Two different recruiting agents have already been sent in a week ago with no word. The local authorities cannot be reached nor do satellite images pick up any movement within the city – cars are parking in the same location, no traffic on roadways. All phone lines go busy when attempting to contact people of this city.

Your mission is to investigate Hayden, Idaho with the additional task of recruiting Jonathan James who we believe is still located here.

City population: 9,159
location: 47°45′26″N 116°47′20″W / 47.75722°N 116.78889°W / 47.75722; -116.78889
Address of mutant: E Dakota Ave and N Maple St.

DHS recruiter Jeff Thompson will be joining you on this mission.

Jonathan James Bio:
Age: 23
Ethnicity: white
Weight: 150lbs
Height: 5’10"
Sex: male
Hair color: brown
Eyes color: brown
Believed mutant powers: Able to control any computer program code with his mind. Range of power is unknown.
Born: Dallas Texas
Parents: Joe and Betty Thompson
Both parents are deceased; cause of death: car accident 5 years ago.

Agent Carlson will be meeting with Dr. Keith York DHS Chief Psychologist in one week for a psychological evaluation.

Request of non-lethal weapon – explain new firearms added to equipment?

Lack of training – your request has been noted. An additional 3 month training period has been added to all future STRIKE cadets.

Use of force – the judgment of your team leader will dictate your level of force.

If you believe that your abilities are not qualified for subduing current mutant(s) have agent Carlson contact me whereas I will contact the nearest SWAT team to assist.

Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC): Tim Drake



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