DHS - Mutant Division

Mutant NASCAR driver

Following five months of training, the new STRIKE team (the first class of actual mutant agents) relocated to Seattle. Special Agent-in-Charge Tim Drake gave them their first assignment.

A two-mile stretch of road had been deemed cursed after 13 major accidents—all unexplained—occurred over the past 6 months, 2 of them deadly. The deadly accidents both involved police officers.

The team investigated the area. Agent Loiaza was first on the scene, followed closely by the others. Agent Loiaza worked alone at first, but was eventually joined by other agents. Separately or together, the group questioned witnesses at a local bank, fast food franchise, a nearby apartment complex, and other locations. Agent Harris investigated some of the crashed vehicles at a local wrecking yard to rule out mechanical problems as a cause. Agent Loiaza determined that the actual section of road on which all the accidents occurred was only half a mile long. Agent Harris determined that the only place from which the entire stretch of road was visible were the apartments facing the road in a single apartment complex nearby, and that all the accidents occurred between 6:30 and 10:30 p.m. on weekdays, save for one on a Sunday.

It seemed likely that a resident of the apartment complex with a regular work schedule could be responsible. The team investigated, questioning some residents and surreptitiously investigating some empty apartments. One of the “persons of interest” was Phil Tanner, a plumber. Interviews with a neighbor and exploration of his apartment revealed that he is a NASCAR fan and enjoys watching car crashes. They also learned that his license was revoked due to a DUI and that he has a newfound hatred of the authorities.

The team staked out his apartment complex. Agent Sheehan drove a vehicle noisily back and forth on the street with the police lights flashing. The team witnessed Tanner appear in the window of his apartment to scowl at the vehicle—at which point Sheehan lost control of the vehicle, which crashed into a nearby building. (Sheehan teleported to safety and was unhurt.)

With this evidence of a mutant telekinetic power to cause crashes on the street in front of his apartment, Agent (Darris) called for the team to take Tanner down. Agent Carlson was the first one through the door (after kicking it open)….

(The game session ended early, in mid-combat. We’ll continue next week.)



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