DHS - Mutant Division

Session Two: Mutants Everywhere!

License to Kill?

The action resumed from last week, with Agent Carlson taking down the suspected mutant menace in a grapple hold. The suspect responded by trying to strike Carlson with a telekinetically-controlled sofa, forcing him to release the suspect. Myself and Agent Arcos entered the apartment. Agent Arcos shot the suspect in the leg, wounding him severely. An ambulance was called, the suspect was arrested, treated, and transported to a holding facility.

The next day, SAC Drake complimented the team on their first successful mission. He also appointed Agent Loiaza as the team leader based on her initiative. The team’s next mission was to fly down to Northern California to look into some goings-on in the forest, where people had been attacked by some kind of creature, variously described as a large wolf, a bear, or a werewolf.

The flight down to California was interrupted by the sudden appearance in the main cabin of a shadowy figure which attacked several passengers. The team responded by trying to capture or incapacitate the creature, which proved to be intangible (though capable of striking others nonetheless). Eventually it was determined that the “creature” was merely a projection of a pre-teen female passenger. She proved to be tougher than she looked, and capable of projecting shadowy blades or knives in an area around herself. When all else failed, Agent Carlson got clearance from Agent Loiaza to employ his own special ability. He subdued the girl with a single blow, doing near fatal damage to her.

The plane made an emergency landing and the DHS agents assumed control, directing the local authorities while passengers and crew were debriefed and the young girl was handed over to other DHS agents for holding in a secure facility. Afterward, the team completed their journey, meeting a local forest ranger, Ranger Gonzalaz.

The Ranger led the team to the area where the creature had been seen and had left clawmarks in a tree. While they were investigating, the creature attacked the group. It proved to be fast, strong, and highly bullet-resistant. Agent Arcos employed his Flash power to neutralize the beast while Agent Loiaza created a pit several meters deep with her own power to contain the beast. When it calmed (slightly), they discovered that it was a Native American who hated the white population who were “desecrating” the land.

Once again, Agent Carlson was called upon to inflict enough damage in hand-to-hand combat to take out the suspect, but not before he howled (we believe) in order to summon allies. The team carried the unconscious suspect back to the Ranger Station from which they’d started. As they arrived at the station, howls from presumed allies of the suspect could be heard approaching. The team began planning how defend their position against the coming attack.

Addendum 1: It has become clear to us that our training was lacking in several key respects. None of us, save Agent Sheehan, have any first aid training. Nor any hand-to-hand training, save what we may have learned on our own. Furthermore, these three interactions with mutant opponents have made it clear that we desperately need non-lethal means of subduing individuals with more-than-human abilities. Lacking same, our only recourse when an ordinary arrest proves impossible due to superhuman strength or other abilities, is lethal force. We would prefer to have options other than killing any threat we encounter. Agent Loiaza has put in a request for additional tools, such as tasers or some other similar device, as well clarification on the DHS STRIKE team’s Use of Force protocols.

Addendum 2: Agent Loiaza announced her intent to send Agent Carlson to repeat his mandatory Sensitivity Training. I concur in this assessment.

Daisy Harris


LOL Good report, Agent!

Session Two: Mutants Everywhere!

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