DHS - Mutant Division

Session Three: Native Son

Native American Mutant

The STRIKE Team took refuge in the ranger station and waited for the oncoming assault. It turned out to be less overwhelming than initially feared. A single Native American with the ability to conjure an illusory werewolf-type monster. It could do damage when it attacked, but had no substance of its own.

Three of the DHS agents left the building to confront the monster before we discovered this truth. Agents Harris and Loiaza remained in the building with the unconscious “werewolf” mutant. A game of hide and seek followed, as the attacking mutant attempted to mislead and ambush the DHS agents before he was finally located and neutralized. The remaining attackers, howling in the distance, turned out to be another illusion. There was only the one attacker.

With both captives secured, the team returned to Seattle for debriefing and a briefing on the next mission. Agent Harris did a lot of paperwork, and approved numerous expense and equipment requests. How else can she stay in five star hotels when the rest of the team are lanquishing in Best Westerns or the like? How else can she fly first class when the team flies commercial, instead of business class with the rest of the team.

Special Agent in Charge Tim Drake, and the DHS in general, are oddly reluctant to provide the team with non-lethal weapons. The agency’s argument, apparently, is that our mutant abilities should be sufficient for taking captives alive. I submitted several requests for non-lethal weapons and was rebuffed, but on the other hand, we’re free to arm ourselves with standard firearms. And so Agent Khan and Agent Harris received MP-5 submachineguns.

Daisy Harris



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