DHS - Mutant Division

Session Five: Prison Break-In

Wait, we're breaking INTO prison?

Yes. Yes, we are. Seems that the DHS has lost contact with a SuperMax prison in Colorado. This prison houses several of the hostile mutants our team had captured, as well as several captured in other parts of the country by other DHS Mutant teams. We flew to the site via our private jet (it’s very Criminal Minds, really). We had codes that would allow us access to the prison, but once we were inside, we would be unable to leave again without coming under fire from the automated gun turrets until and unless we captured the prison’s interior control room. This has ‘clusterfuck’ written all over it. We few, we happy few. We band of buggered.

We arrived and approached the prison entrance, only to have the automated guns fire on us. We were not expecting this. Fortunately, Agent Carlson was the only one hit, and he wasn’t badly hurt. Agent Loiaza ran for the wall under (and out of the arc of fire) of one of the gun turrets and opened a doorway through the wall. Agent Harris ran for the entrance and punched in the entry code. The doors opened, revealing a small courtyard and the inner doors. Agent Carlson, invisible now, punched in the code at the inner door—and the outer doors closed in Agent Harris’ face. (It works like an airlock. Both sets of doors cannot open simultaneously.

We worked our way through the airlock-like entrance, while Loiaza and another agent entered through her makeshift door. All of the prison staff and a number of the prisoners were already dead, killed by person or persons unknown. The cells, built into the ground like chemical weapon storage bunkers, were all open. Some had been smashed, torn, or blasted open. We were almost immediately attacked by the free (and hostile) prisoners—at least, those still alive.

The skirmish went on for some time, before we managed to defeat the prisoners. Agent Carlson contributed most to this effort. He is really quite remarkably adept at hand to hand combat. After we had defeated the prisoners, Agent Loiaza made an executive decision (over my strenuous objections, but backed up by the rest of the team) to terminate them. They were quickly dispatched.

We then had to enter the main building, and access the computer in the control room. This proved difficult, as the corridor was defended by a very lethal electrical weapons system. Agent Sheehan teleported (line of sight) to the entrance of the control room, thereby evading the electrical weapons, taking Agent Carlson with him. There, Carlson confronted an unidentified woman who clearly knew him (and vice versa), and who had apparently arranged this whole scenario to lure him into her presence. She wanted to kill him. Having spent time in his presence, I can understand the impulse. Nonetheless, that couldn’t be allowed. She fought with him—with all of us, briefly, then escaped after being disarmed.

She left us a going-away present in the form of a self-destruct system counting down to detonation. Working together, we were able to shut it down with seconds to spare. Go us! We returned triumphantly to Seattle, there to await our next mission.



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